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I Can’t Wait to Run My Next Race!

This I wrote in my previous post on the Sun Festival Run moments ago.  It started to rain again in Alabang and whenever it rains nostalgia creeps in.

I cannot help but reminisce the Hope In Motion Fun Runs that I organized for SOS Children’s Villages for the past 2 years, which influenced this year’s Southern Race a fun run advocacy event organized by Alabang Town Center for the benefit of SOS.

Only a few of you know my involvement with SOS as Deputy National Director and what SOS does.  SOS is an NGO dedicated to provide family based care to orphaned, abandoned and neglected children.  The children entrusted to its care are provided with a Mother and a House where they grow up as “brothers and sisters”.  SOS provides for their basic needs and education until they are ready to face the world.  Currently we have a thousand children under our care in facilities in Alabang, Lipa, Cebu, Calbayog, Tacloban, Iloilo, Davao and Bataan.  SOS prides itself in having produced among others, a doctor of medicine, architect, airline pilot, nurses and a police officer.

The first Hope in Motion was a rag-tag event with only a few runners and mostly walkers.  I still did not have the know how of how a run is to be organized given that I was still an occasional weekend runner with no racing experience at that time.  But we made it.

The second Hope in Motion was held at a time when I had just recovered from laryngitis.  It had a semblance of a run as runners increased number.  I wanted to join the run but my condition prevented me.   I just had to content myself with the walk segment, which I enjoyed.  My deep longing to join the run propelled me to train and be a runner.  Hope in Motion had the trademark of the post race breakfast and fellowship.  Arroz Caldo, doughnuts, coffee, native dishes such as puto, kutsinta and kakanin were served for breakfast.




The third Hope in Motion was definitely an improvement.  By this time I had joined some races and have learned from these races.  I also tried to incorporate them in this run.  It was not a perfect run but the fun and fellowship plus the support of the running community was heartwarming – you know who you are.












I’m so glad Alabang Town Center organized the Southern Race for the benefit of SOS.

You may be wondering why I made this post.  Well it is simply to promote the cause of my SOS children who once had nothing but were given a second chance in life.

If you believe in the cause of these children and children in need, join us in the Southern Race!  Its one race you’ll never forget.  If you’re not into running; its about time!


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  1. Count us in. It’s our first race after the wedding.
    May carpool ba uli? 😀

    Comment by Jinoe | April 26, 2009

  2. See you there, Ipe!

    Comment by Jaymie | April 27, 2009

  3. Registered na po kami!

    Comment by | April 27, 2009

  4. Hhhmm..after reading your post, I’m now considering joining this run!

    The Running Ninja

    Comment by therunningninja | April 28, 2009

  5. For the children 🙂

    Comment by ricov | April 29, 2009

  6. lakay ipe, i believe in your cause and i really committed myself to run the southern race after i missed running for almost two weeks due to illness. however, your race was a “test” run for me to bring myself to serious training again. congrats for a successful southern race run last sunday!

    Comment by kingofpots | May 6, 2009

  7. Hi Sir Felipe. Races like this is what running should be all about. Take care my friend.

    Comment by sfrunner | May 7, 2009

  8. hello, sir ipe. ask ko lang where the results of the Southern Race posted?
    i ran with my wife & kids in this race. and it’s their 1st time. they’re asking where the results are.
    my friends from told me that they were posted in Alabang after the race. but my kids were not able to see it. if you have a copy for the 3k race, can i have a copy sent to my email?


    Comment by rod | May 9, 2009

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