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33rd Milo Marathon – My 10k Story

This is the first Milo Race that I joined since I started running.  I decided to join its 10k side event as a preparation for the San Fernando, La Union leg.  I am registered for the 21k Half Marathon event where I have a modest target time of 2:25.

Knowing that most of my friends have registered for the 21k or 42k event, I knew that I will be running in the midst of strangers.  It gave me time to focus on the race and to check my progress.  I simply planned to maintain an average pace of 6:30 p/km.  No PR attempt although deep inside I wanted to run a sub 60 minute 10k.

I woke up at 3:50 am and after a the morning rituals and finishing one boiled “saba”, proceeded to the CPP complex where I would park my car.  I arrived at the Star City parking at around 5:15 am.  After a brief walk and stretching, I proceeded to take my warm up run to Km 0.  On my way I caught up with the group of Mon Domingo, Tina Narvaez, Tisha Generoso and Mel of the Lost Command.  We had a good chat on the way to the starting line.  But first things first – we will have breakfast at Chow King Star City, period.  I found out that they were registered for the 21k segment.  But given that it was already 5:30 am, I told them that they should be at the starting line.  They simply told me that they will just join the tail end and run the route but only up to the CCP Complex.  They left me as soon as we met the tail end of the 21k runners.

I arrived at the Km 0 at around 5:40 am.  I saw a sea of humanity lined up for the 10k event.  I got worried as I remembered the advice of Vener (aka Run Unlimited) that I should position myself ahead of the students or we’ll be bottled up last.  I positioned myself in the middle.

After a few speaches, the race started at 5:55 am.

Km 1 (6:42/km) – I just ran a relaxed and easy pace at this time and follow the pace of the pack, which I thought was a bit slow so I had to maneuver and zigzag my way through the slower runners.

Km 2 (6:26/km) – By this time, I broke free from the slower runners and ran at my own relaxed pace.  The temptation to run a faster pace kept crossing my mind but I just decided to maintain the easy pace.

Km 3 (6:26/km) – I caught up with a runner of my age group and we exchanged chats on our running experiences, which ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.  I thought that he was just trying to dare me to slug it out and tire me early as he stuck to my pace as a leach.

Km 4, 5, 6 and 7  (6:31/km, 6:32/km, 6:31/km and 6:44/km) – This was within the Buendia Flyover.  It was at this point that I slowed down a bit due to the flyover climb, turn around point and the water stations.  It was also getting warmer.

Km 8, 9, 10 and 10.52 (6:30/km, 6:30/km, 6:24/km and 6:03/km) –  I started to slightly pick up speed prior to the dash to the finish line.

As soon as I crossed the finish line and got my certificate, I ran back to the CCP are hoping to meet some friends who ran the 21k or 42k events.  I did meet Raymond Martelino, Zimm, Roselle, Jun Llanes and the Lost Command, Mel and Tina N., Eric de Belen of, to name a few.  I am really bad at names.

Looking back, the race was to my mind well organized.  The 10k and 21 k runners were blessed to have the entire Roxas Boulevard for themselves.  Water stations were reasonably spaced and there was no tabo at timba.  However,  I envied the 21k race participants.  How I wish I was running with them!  But there is time for everything.  See you at the San Fernando, LU leg!


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  1. Hi Sir Ipe, those were pretty good pace workouts for your upcoming La Union leg. Your first kilometer was a good warm-up and the last was a sprint, I believe. Good luck Sir and see you again.

    Many thanks Vener for the site visit and the kind words! Am still hoping to improve on my stamina to reach a sub 6:00/km pace. And it won’t come easy.

    Comment by run unltd. | July 8, 2009

  2. Congratulations Felipe! I was wondering if anyone ran the 10K since there were a lot of runners doing the 21K and 42K.

    The 21K will come. Mine is in about 11 weeks. Take care mt friend!

    Many thanks Wayne for the site visit! There were a good number of runners in the 10k segment but there were only a few familiar faces.

    Comment by Wayne | July 8, 2009

  3. Congrats! Finishing strong! Getting a good 21k PR is not far … just around the bend. Good luck to your upcoming half mara in La Union.

    Thanks for the kind words! This means I have to work harder.

    Comment by Running Diva | July 8, 2009

  4. Congratulations on your strong finish. It was nice meeting you during the race sir! 🙂 And thank you for the words of encouragement (when you saw me walking along Roxas Blvd). My left knee had started to hurt after the 18KM mark, and I decided not to push it anymore to avoid injury.

    Good luck on your San Fernando Milo Leg! 😀


    Comment by edebelenmd | July 11, 2009

  5. I didn’t notice you until you shouted at me, “bilisan mo Roselle at papunta na kami Chowking!” Well, that was a good motivation. 😀 See? I did join you at Chowking. Congrats, Sir Ipe!

    Comment by Running Diva | July 28, 2009

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