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Running Addict – Exhibits “A” and “B”

While browsing through the shared items, i bumped into the post of daytripper1021.   You’re addicted to running when . . . .  you hang your race bibs on your office cubicle wall!

How true!  To the best of my knowledge Jinoe and myself hang our race bibs in our office wall.  I know there are others out there who proudly display their race bibs, certificates and medals on their office walls.

When I came to know that Jinoe Gavan hangs his race bibs on his office cubicle wall early this year, I immediately scoured my house and car for my race bibs.  I was only able to retrieve a few from my races in 2008, which I immediately hang on my office wall.  My race bibs and medals for this year are however intact.

My Race Bibs

Exhibit "A" - My Race Bibs

My Medals

Exhibit "B" - My Medals

I consider the Doc Fit Takbo Para sa Puso race bib no. 598 special as it always reminds me of the race that I finished dead last among the 197 particiants in that 10k race – NEVER AGAIN!!

These memorabilias however make my SOS kids who drop by my office curious and interested in running.  I just hope that someday one of them will become an elite runner.


July 10, 2009 Posted by | Running | 6 Comments