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Running Addict – Exhibits “A” and “B”

While browsing through the shared items, i bumped into the post of daytripper1021.   You’re addicted to running when . . . .  you hang your race bibs on your office cubicle wall!

How true!  To the best of my knowledge Jinoe and myself hang our race bibs in our office wall.  I know there are others out there who proudly display their race bibs, certificates and medals on their office walls.

When I came to know that Jinoe Gavan hangs his race bibs on his office cubicle wall early this year, I immediately scoured my house and car for my race bibs.  I was only able to retrieve a few from my races in 2008, which I immediately hang on my office wall.  My race bibs and medals for this year are however intact.

My Race Bibs

Exhibit "A" - My Race Bibs

My Medals

Exhibit "B" - My Medals

I consider the Doc Fit Takbo Para sa Puso race bib no. 598 special as it always reminds me of the race that I finished dead last among the 197 particiants in that 10k race – NEVER AGAIN!!

These memorabilias however make my SOS kids who drop by my office curious and interested in running.  I just hope that someday one of them will become an elite runner.


July 10, 2009 - Posted by | Running


  1. you deserve a clap, clap sir ipe. even erick do it too, kaso yung mga medals lang ang dini-display nya sa office nya, yung race bib namin naka organize, balak kong ilagay sa photo album. 🙂

    You should also start displaying your medals and race bibs. Not everyone can do what those memorabilia represent.

    Comment by Let | July 10, 2009

  2. thanks for the idea sir ipe 🙂
    as for me, i’ve custom made a shirt that says “running addict”. check out my blog 🙂

    I guess we runners should be proud of our running memorabilia. Lets display them in our office and in our homes.

    Comment by carlo | July 10, 2009

  3. adik!!! hehehe

    wow daming medal! I hope to get a medal someday soon.

    nakakatuwa when people reach my cubicle and then look at my racebib wall and say, “wow tumatakbo ka pala?” may konting yabang yung pagsagot ko ng “oo, pampababa ng cholesterol levels.” hehe

    Comment by daytripper1021 | July 10, 2009

  4. Hehehe. Kawawa naman yung teddy bear… 🙂

    Nice post! 😀

    Comment by edebelenmd | July 10, 2009

  5. Ipe, one more medal that you hang on that teddy bear’s neck, i’m sure it’s going to flip forward na!

    addiktus! :-))

    Don’t worry Rene, I will see to it that the teddy bear won’t flip forward. Masarap maging running addict!

    Comment by jazzrunner | July 10, 2009

  6. Sir Ipe, I also do the same thing. The race bibs I got since March this year (9 and counting)are displayed proudly in my cube. Office 5S be d@mned ;-). I already inspired several people to start running as well because of that. That’s the added value to it.

    Comment by ronin | July 10, 2009

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