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Robinson’s Buddy Run – My way of getting rid of a cold

I was looking forward to this race as it was the first time for me to run with a buddy and to test how far I would go with a bothersome common cold.  I was paired with Mon Domingo, a veteran of numerous marathons and races.  Pressure was I should keep pace with him.

At the outset I told Mon to take it easy as I was nursing a cold and my nasal passages were blocked.  To make matters worst, I had a post nasal drip which made me cough.  But knowing that running will produce endorphins that would further boost my immune system, I went on to race and tried to follow Mon’s pace.

I arrived at the race venue at around 5:30 am and had ample time to chat with Happy Feet, and Hardcore friends.  The atmosphere was homey but competitive.  The runners were simply too happy to see their buddies.

The 5k runners answered the starting gun first and the 10k runners followed suit at 6:15 am.

My buddy immediately switched to high gear at the 1st kilometer where we had an average pace of 6:12/km and a max pace of 5:28/km.  At the 2nd kilometer, our average pace increased to 5:49/km and a max pace of 5:19/km.  It was after the 2nd kilometer that the colds and its accompanying coughing started to hamper my breathing and slowed me down to an average pace of 6:42/km and a max pace of 5:15/km.

At the 4th kilometer (British School/32nd Street area) my breathing became difficult because of the colds and I had to slow down just to catch my breath.  This resulted in an average pace of 6:40/km and a maximum pace of 6:04/km.  At the 5th kilometer, our pace increased slightly to 6:33/km and a max pace of 5:23/km.

At the 6th kilometer (Rizal Drive and 5th Avenue area) my nose got clogged which made my breathing to became really difficult.  I had no choice but to take walk breaks.  This accounted for a slow average pace of 7:40/km and a max pace of 5:55/km.  I was able to clear my nose by the time we reached the 7th kilometer and tried to make up for lost time.  The average pace was 6:23/km and the max pace was 5:33/km.

The 8th and 9th kilometer, my nose started to get clogged so I had to slow down.  This accounted for a slow average pace of 7:07/km and 7:09/km.  At the last kilometer, I decided to see how far I would go.  I picked up speed and stuck to Mon like a leech.  It paid up as the average pace was 6:16/km and max pace was 4:46/km.  We finished the race with a time of 1:06:29.

Me and Mon Domingo

Me and Mon Domingo (photo by Mark Parco)

While analyzing my stats in Garmin Connect, I realized that I can maintain an average pace of 5:49/km and reach a max pace of 4:46/km.  The race also underscored the importance of pacing.   I should have maintained an average pace of 6:30/km at the first 5kms,  picked up speed at Rizal Drive, the 6th kilometer and give it my all from the 9th to the 10th kilometer.

The finish line had a festive atmosphere.  All finishers were given a bag full of grocery items.  This was followed by the usual picture taking and exchange of thoughts about the race and of course my first breakfast at Pancake House.

With the Hardcore Runners

With Tiffin Parco and the Hardcore Runners Jonel aka Bugobugo86, Lester Chuayap, Mari Javier and Ivy Macainan (photo by Mark Parco) posse (photo by Bryan Rivera) posse (photo by Bryan Rivera)

Breakfast @ Pancake House

Breakfast @ Pancake House (photo by Art and Vima Mendoza

After the first breakfast, I joined my buddy Mon Domingo and the Lost Command (LC) runners for a sumptuous breakfast at Amber’s Best, Pasong Tamo.  It was a unique combination of rice, soup, barbecue, sisig, chop suey fried chicken and pichi pichi.  The LC group just finished their 3 hour long run and I’m not surprised that they were able to gobble up all that food.

I ended the day with another 10k run around AAV in order to recover from the morning run and the colds.  As I write this post, my colds are practically gone!  Keep on running and see you on the road folks.


July 13, 2009 - Posted by | Running

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  1. Good run Sir Ipe, you really had a fun time last sunday. Way to go, La Union! Good luck.

    I definitely had a fun time yesterday. First with blogger, Happy Feet and friends. Second, two carbo re-loading breakfast sessions. We missed you and Christy. But from the pictures looks like both of you had a great time at Tik Takbo.

    Comment by run unltd. | July 13, 2009

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