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I originally planned to join the 10k segment of this race but when I registered online, I mistakenly pressed the 21k button.  So I registered for the half marathon without even knowing it until the eve of the race.  But deep inside I was planning to do a long run on Sunday by completing the 10k race and running an extra 8 kilometers.

However, when I claimed by race pack on last Saturday, the people manning the booth asked what distance I am registered and I sheephishly told them “10k but can I upgrade to 21k”.  They told me “yes” and gave me a 21k race kit.  So no more turning back.

I planned to treat the race simply as a practice run.  No PRs to chase except the bliss brought about by running with friends.  I would be happy to finish the race in 2:40.

I arrived at the race area at around 4:30am.  After doing some stretching routines at the parking lot, I proceeded to the corral which was full of familiar faces, Jay Nacino aka Prometheus Cometh (an official 5:30/km pacer), Don Ubaldo (official 7:00/km pacer), Vener aka Run Unlimited, Mesh aka My Iron Shoes, Jonel aka Bugobugo85, Mark and Tiffin Parco aka Mark’s VO2, Tisha Generoso, Tina Narvaez, Mon Domingo, Mel of Lost Command and of course the posse – Sam, Jinoe, Carlo, Rico, among others.  Knowing my lack of preparation and my goal for the day, I positioned myself near the rear.

The race started at 5:01 am.  I had a goal to run the race at a relaxed 7:00/km pace for the first 18kms and try to pick up the pace thereafter, if I still have something left.  And so it was.  At the first 4 kms, I was running at around the 6:50-7:00/km pace.  More than enough time for picture taking and sightseeing.

For some strange reason, I slightly picked up the pace to 6:30-6:50/km up to 10km.  But on the way back to the Fort I slowed down slightly to a pace of 7:00/km (10km) until the Buendia flyover (12km).    I slightly picked up the pace until 15km at Fifth Avenue where I slowed down at the uphill to McKinley.  At this point my legs felt heavy so I just coasted along and took brief walk breaks up to 18k.  Thereafter, I just ran a relaxed pace of 7:50-7:30/km.  I crossed the finish line at 2:30:10.

At the finish line was the usual comparing notes and picture taking with the people.

After the Buendia Flyover with the Parcos (photo courtesey of Mark Parco)

After the Buendia Flyover with the Parcos (photo courtesey of Mark Parco)

Along Lawton Ave (photo courtesy of Mark Parco)

Along Lawton Ave (photo courtesy of Mark Parco) posse (photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano) posse (photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano) posse (photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano) posse (photo courtesy of Carlo Serrano)

While the race proper was well-organized.  There were issues that arose, which would stick out like a sore thumb if not properly addressed:

  1. Globe VIP Parking – Amado Castro, Jr. personally experienced being asked by Globe security officers to park elsewhere as the parking lot near R.O.X. was reserved to Globe executives.  That was a pay public parking.  Unless Globe has prepaid for the slots.  It turned out that it was not pre-paid.
  2. Prizes not being given on race day –  This was raised by Jovie Narcise aka Bald Runner.  The cash prizes won by elite athletes were not given on race day.  Instead the runners were instructed to claim their prizes on Tuesday, July 21.  To my mind this is not acceptable, prizes should be given on race day.  The winners are elite runners who train daily.  Its not fair to ask them to go back and claim their prizes some other time.  These elite athletes are part of the national training pool should not be given a shabby treatment.  To sum it up this is poor customer service, which I hope is not typical of Globe.
  3. Race Results –  The race distinguished itself with disposable electronic timing chips, which would ensure accurate times and tracking.  Also I have heard that the results would be released on the same date.  As of today the results were not yet released.  Broken promise?

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