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BF Pasko Run Comeback

I am back!  My last post was about the 15k Masters last September 2009.   Posts would have continued but Ondoy & Co. as well as work waylaid my appetite for posting.  I nevertheless continued to run but to a lesser extent – instead of logging 50k/week my monthly total dipped to 118 in October and 109 in November.

After the Eco Dash last September, my next race was to be the New Balance Power Race last November 29.  My runs in between consisted mostly of short and easy 6k to 10k runs, which were intended to keep myself fit.

It was at this time that I was able to run in Faridabad, India and Bangkok, Thailand.  But I would still consider our streets runner friendly notwithstanding our undisciplined drivers.  India is too dusty you need a mask to protect you from the dust and pollution while Thailand is too crowded.

The New Balance Power Run was my first run after a 2 month absence.  I had not accumulated much mileage so I just considered it as an easy long run.  My lack of mileage logged in showed its toll on me after 16kms.  This was compounded by the McKinley hill inclines.  I never expected the new route in McKinley hill.  Hence I felt spent after this segment and finished the race with a disappointing time of 2:36:25.

I began to have second thoughts about joining the full marathon of the Condura Race in February 2010 given my difficulty in logging in 60-70kms/week.  So I just had to play around what is practical and doable – 35 to 45 kms per week with tempo runs and short speedwork segments.

This type of workout immediately paid handsome dividends in the BF Pasko Run last Sunday.  This run was initially intended to be part of the usual Sunday easy long runs.  But it turned out to be a fast tempo 10k race that resulted in a sub-60 min time of 57:37.

My day started at around 4:20 am when I ran to the race area in BF Paranaque from my house in Alabang for a warm up.  I felt good throughout the run.  At the race area, I positioned myself at the rear (as usual) and started with a pace of 5:49/km, which I thought I will not be able to sustain.

As the race progressed, I was pleasantly surprised that my pace remained at the 5:35-5:50/km up to kilometer 9.  At kilometer 10, I tried and was able to accelerate to 5:25/km.

Its nice to be back in the circuit and be with the and Happy Feet people again whom I sorely missed during my absence.

December 14, 2009 - Posted by | Ramblings, Running


  1. Congratulations Sir Ipe!!!

    Comment by m8parco | December 14, 2009

  2. Hi Sir Ipe,

    Congratulations! You had a strong race last Sunday. I was one of those runners trailing you at near km#1 – when your garmin beeped. I was surprised to know that I was doing a 5:45 pace. =)

    Congratulations again sir!

    Comment by Eric | December 15, 2009

  3. Sir Ipe it was so nice seeing you there, you did awesome! Very nice finish and a strong sub-60 at that 🙂 See you at Condura then? 🙂

    Comment by Luis Arcangel | December 16, 2009

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