Kinderdorf Leben

A Runner’s Life

A Runner’s Life

I became seriously involved in running sometime in February 2008 when I woke up to the reality that I was obese.  I had to do something, otherwise I will be an easy prey to the grim reaper.  I started loading my iPod with podcasts on running music.  I liked the Podcast of Robert Ullerey which was based on the Couch to 5k running plan by  I still use the Podcast to guide my training  training runs.

Having preferred to run alone and not having a support group was tough.  My progress was literally slow and my training consisted mostly of running and walking.  The only consolation was breaking the 163 lbs. barrier (I was 168 lbs in Feb 08) in April 2008.

As I continued to run, I noticed a steady decline in my weight and increased stamina.  My 52 year old body began to like running!

Towards the end of April 2008 I came accross Runner’s World and its Training Log.  On May 2008, I started to log in my runs.  I also came across the Impromptu Runners aka Happy Feet and was warmly accepted by the group.

On May 10, 2008, I ran my first 5k at the Action & Fitness Race.  This was followed by the 10k Champion Run Along the River race in Marikina.  Threafter I registered for every race available.

Looking back, I realized that I needed to persevere on my practice runs to improve my stamina since my races were on a walk-run basis.  This continued until the 5k OROFOLS Run and 5k Davies Paint Run where I finally was able run a 5k race non-stop.

My 10k races were no different.  It remained a run and walk scenario until the PMI Proudly @ 60 Run in September when it was an all run 10k affair.  I never looked back since as the mileage and that I banked and lactic acid burns brought about by my training runs along Country Club Drive and Palms Pointe in Alabang finally paid off.

It was never easy and I am grateful for the support of the Happy Feet people (you know who you are), which made me persevere.

I would like to believe that I am improving and am setting sights on the Condura Run half marathon event and hopefully a full marathon by 2010.

Happy Feet @ UP Practice Run

Happy Feet @ UP Practice Run

Happy Feet @ Subic Legacy Run

Happy Feet @ Subic Legacy Run

Me @ SOS Hope In Motion 3

Me @ SOS Hope In Motion 3


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